February 6, 2010


Some of the small (3"x3") drawings that went out with the initial batch of Vectorpark T-shirts...


sebkoch said...

hey Patrick,
thanks for the very nice t-shirt!
it's really a great idea to include drawings. I'm taking my hat off to you for making so many of these micro-drawings.
I'm pretty happy I got one of these.
keep up the good work!

Sara said...


Demimonde Mesila Thraam said...

I wish I had money for one of those teeshirts...Just discovered your work today, and it's amazing, beautiful hallucinography. The way it has these broken-off pieces of reality, jumbled together in disjuncted ways. Very qippothic. It also reminds me of the visual effects of Salvia divinorum - and very specifically.

Anonymous said...

Well! Great! Keep it up! I'm your fan number 1! I do not know how you do it! Congratulations!

Dean said...

You're a genius. I have the one 2nd from top on the left!

Your art and programming tickles my brain and gurgling noises come out.

kingsley said...

very nice art work i wanted to know if you guys had any new project going on and wanted to talk about it on my blog complexgamer.com my email is complexgamer@live.com i hope to hear from you guys soon,

sewa mobil said...

Very nice, thanks.

Unknown said...

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